Bad day

Today was not a good day for me.

First I was upset about a family issue. Then something happened to my van as I was about to leave for home. Police had to be called.

After three phone calls and more than an hour of waiting, a St. Paul police officer finally showed up.

The experience reminded me of the excellent service we have in Woodbury. I know if anything happens in Woodbury, the police will arrive in less than five minutes.

I remember one day several years ago I misdialed a phone number at home. Once I realized that I made an error and my call went to 911 an operator, I quickly hung up the phone without saying anything. That was another mistake.

Soon afterwards, my door bell rang. I was surprised to see a police officer at the door. He came to check if everything was OK because of the 911 call.

I was embarrassed, and also very impressed by the Woodbury police.

Now I think about it, I feel thankful, because nothing serious happened to me today. Good or bad, it’s all relative and about perspective. And I am thankful to live in Woodbury with better police service.

Visit Woodbury Public Safety Dept.

Today I had an informative and interesting visit to the Woodbury Public Safety Dept.

Learning about Public Safety was the topic of the second session of the 10-week Woodbury Citizens’ Academy, a  program offered by the Woodbury Community Foundation.

Woodbury Public Safety director Lee Vague welcomed everyone and gave an introduction of the Department.

The unique thing about the Woodbury Public Safety Dept. is that our Police, Fire and EMS are all under one roof. As one organization they work closely together. We have some police officers who are also paramedics or firefighters.

According to the City of Woodbury web site, currently the Police Department has 62 sworn officers and 17 civilian employees that include community service officers and support services personnel. In addition, there are approximately 30 volunteers who participate in the Reserve, Explorer and Park Patrol programs.

The Fire Department has three full-time fire chief officers, one part-time chief officer, a full-time fire inspector, nine full-time firefighters, support staff and 85-plus on-call firefighter/EMTs.

Woodbury Public Safety Dept. is well supported by the community. We have the Woodbury Public Safety Board, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote crime prevention and public safety by supporting the Woodbury Public Safety Dept.

I had the opportunity to check out the police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, to watch demos of how to save lives, to try my hands on a gun and a fire distinguisher.

The tour of the Public Safety Dept. with demos and hands-on was fun.

I got to ask some questions and learn something new.

All the guys who were present to do the presentations and demos and to help with the tour were really nice and great to talk to. I was very impressed by them. They are proud to serve the community and to do the job well.

I want to thank them all for their dedication and service.

I feel safer now knowing that we have a well run Public Safety Dept. with well trained police officers, fire fighters and paramedics who can respond to emergencies quicker than in most others communities.