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  1. Rev Kefas Williams

    It’s great, indeed by reading that I am reminded of my own personal weakness in both envying and comparison. Please would you be posting some of the teachings through my email?

  2. Pam

    I just ran across you blog and read many of your entries. What a lovely testimony of God’s goodness in your life. Your grateful heart reflects God’s love and kindness. I just want to say thank you and tell you to keep on being a light in your corner of the world.

  3. Bruce simon

    I have been there and met the developer. I invited him to visit the real Jackson hole and he was here in march 2013. He had a great time.

  4. excuse me sorry for bothering you im trying to find my stepmother qinqin tang im not sure if that’s you or not she married my father Michael A walder. he died October 10th 2005 please i need to find her and tell her thank you for the presents she has gotten me and that my grandma josie died last week could you help me find her or ifs that you please email me

  5. andrea reyna

    Just want to say thanks for sharing the baptism information, I found it very helpful. We will have baptisms this Saturday and looking forward to it. I also read your garden article and love the pictures. Thanks for sharing and i think i will keep your site on my favorites. Take care.


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