USANA Associate, Librarian & Writer.

A child of God and a citizen of the world.

Grew up in China, studied in China/Germany/U.S., now living in the U.S. since 1991.

Life is a journey and a mystery. I am on the journey, learning and growing every day.

What do I do for work?

I am a librarian and love libraries.

I have a passion for healthy living – body, mind and spirit. As a USANA Associate, I love to help you live healthy and well through life style changes and through high quality nutritional supplements from USANA.
Take the free USANA True Health Assessment at http://qintang.usana.com/ and find out what you might need to reach your optimal health.

What do I do for enjoyment?

I enjoy reading, learning, writing, and blogging.

I also have a passion for personal growth, spirituality, healthy, green, simple, frugal, mindful and soulful living. Whatever I read, write and do, these are the subjects I am most interested in.

Self introduction

100 blog post, 100 words

Why do I blog?

Inaugural Post

What I am passionate about

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  1. Jyotika Devi.

    I am also a librarian. I am inspired by you. i have already read your article “print vs e book”. Keep on writing in this way. It will help us, the librarians.

  2. Such a powerful yet simple about me. Its says so much. Writing an about me page is hard for me and I love the simplicity with which u say so much. Looking forward to reading more.

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