Welcome New Editor Mathias Baden

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. My life has changed since I started a home business last summer, and meanwhile things have changed at the Woodbury Bulletin as well.

Mathias Baden, editor of the Jordan Independent, was hired as the new editor to replace Michael Longaecker. 

I would like to send a belated warm welcome to Mathias to Woodbury Bulletin and to the Woodbury Community. It’s great to make Woodbury your home!

A coworker in my office started her career in news media and knew Mathias. She spoke highly of him. Woodbury Bulletin is already an awarding winning newspaper. I look forward to his leadership in making Woodbury Bulletin an even better local newspaper.
I love reading the newspaper every week and keeping myself informed of the local news and events. Thanks to the editor and everyone at the Woodbury Bulletin for creating this weekly paper for the community. Your hard work is much appreciated.

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  1. Mary H, volunteer CSHS

    Please say Hi and goodbye to Mathias for me. He disappeared without saying goodbye. Best wishes to you Mathias. -Mary H, volunteer Pet of Week

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