Book Giveaway Experience

This is part 2 of my book giveaway experience as a World Book Night volunteer. See part 1 Spreading the love of reading.

It’s the first year that I am a book giver for World Book Night.

I was supposed to give away all 20 copies of my #WBN2014 book “100 Best-Loved Poems” on April 23, but due to bad weather and lack of time, I didn’t finish the task. I only give away six copies.

On April 25, I gave away the second batch of five books.

Today, I walked around the Minnesota State Capitol during lunch time and finally gave away the rest of the books. I saved one copy for my Little Free Library.

The book giveaway experience was interesting. What surprised me the most was giving away books is not as easy as I thought. When I approached people and asked them if they would like a free book, I got some skeptical and indifferent  reaction.  Some had no interest and walked away, with a “Don’t bother me!” or “What do you want from me?” kind of attitude.

I saw several groups of middle or high school students on field trips today by the Capitol. I approached a few of the groups, the first few said no.  Students seemed to be concerned about talking to strangers.  Only the girls in the last group reacted enthusiastically and welcomed my books. I had three left. So the 4th girl in the photo didn’t get the book.

Next year, I will do it again. But I will ask for a more popular book. Hopefully a more popular book will be better received and will bring a more enthusiastic reaction.



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