A Surprise Gift – Jeremiah Study Bible



This morning when I opened my front door in responding to a neighbor’s knocking, I found a surprise FedEx package by the door, from Dr. David Jeremiah’s Turning Point Ministry. I was puzzled.

Every month, as a Turning Point Ministry Partner, I do receive mail from Turning Point with a magazine, book and CD, but I don’t expect anything so heavy and via FedEx.

When I opened the package, I was happily surprised to find a copy of the  Jeremiah Study Bible, signed by Dr. Jeremiah with my name, along with a handwritten note by Scott Walsh, Director of Public Relations at Turning Point.

I talked with Scott last year when he invited me to attend “An Evening with Dr. David Jeremiah” and have a meeting with Dr. Jeremiah at Target Center on April 4, 2013. I felt so honored to meet with Dr. Jeremiah and his wife. The God Loves You Live Event was an unforgettable experience and meant a lot to me.

When the Jeremiah Study Bible came out last December, I got myself a hardback copy and wrote about it in my post A book that will change your life. But this soft-touch LeatherLuxe edition in teal and gray I received today is definitely more beautiful. And with the signature and handwriting by Dr. Jeremiah himself, this copy is more unique and means so much more to me.  

Thank you, Dr. Jeremiah and Scott, for such a thoughtful and lovely Easter gift. You have really blessed me with this gift. It is now my favorite and most treasured Bible.