One Tip For Conducting A Successful Meeting

I read a tip about staff motivation in the March 2014 issue of Communication Briefings, and I had read similar tips in the past. I think this is a great idea, something easy to adopt and could reap great benefit by any leader in any organization.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has an interesting strategy for weekly staff meetings. Before getting down to focused business talk, Weiner asks every person in the room to share one personal and one professional accomplishment from the previous week.

Beginning a staff meeting with sharing everyone’s personal victories and professional achievements has several benefits. It can –

  • establish a tone of positivity not only for the meeting, but also for the organization.
  • set the team up with a positive frame of mind instead of one focused on what’s going wrong.
  • increase team spirit and reduce negativity in the workplace.
  • build stronger relationships when people know each other better through sharing personal stories.
  • make people feel recognized, appreciated and motivated which leads to high productivity.

Using this “power of small wins,” any leader can bring some positivity to a meeting and employee interaction by allowing his staff to share their personal and professional achievements.