A BSF Addition In Woodbury

I attended the first Bible Study Fellowship class last night at Five Oaks Church in Woodbury. Over 100 women attended. We are starting with the Book Philippians in the New Testament.

BSF is an in-depth, interdenominational Bible study that helps people know God and equips them to effectively serve the Church throughout the world. Classes, there are over 1,000 of them, are offered in 39 countries.

I first heard about BSF several years ago. Friends who took the class loved it and highly recommended it. But Woodbury had only a day time class for women at Woodbury Lutheran Church and an evening class for men at King of Kings. There was no evening class I could attend.

Recently someone on Facebook told me about this new BSF evening class for women and asked if I would be interested, after reading my Facebook update about a new Bible I had just received. It was divine appointment, God’s perfect timing. I thought about the book When God Winks at You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence.

A few ladies  prayed for three years for this new BSF class in Woodbury. I am very thankful for being a part of this class and for God’s timing. A heartfelt thank-you to all who have worked hard and made this happen, and also to Five Oaks Church to host the weekly event.  I look forward to doing this in depth Bible study with other women, deepening my knowledge in Bible and my presonal relationship with Jesus Christ.