Volunteer For World Book Night

I signed up to be a volunteer book giver for the World Book Night U.S. on April 23, 2014. 

World Book Night U.S., a non-profit organization, has launched its third annual campaign to encourage reading and giving. A half million free paperbacks (38 titles) will be handed out across America all on one day — April 23, 2014. Volunteer book lovers will help give specially printed books to light or non-readers and to those without the means or access to them.

To see a list of the titles that will be given away, and to sign up to be a giver, go to World Book Night U.S. at www.us.worldbooknight.org. The deadline for submitting an application to be a giver is January 5, 2014. Applicants must state where and to whom they intend to give out their 20 WBN special paperbacks and why they want to participate in World Book Night.

Below is my response (within 100 words) to the question “Why do you want to participate in World Book Night?”

I am an immigrant who came to the US in 1991. I could hardly speak and understand any English at that time. Books and libraries helped me greatly as I tried to start a new life here. Now I am a librarian living in Woodbury and working in Saint Paul. I love reading and books. I would like to share my love with others and help those who are less fortunate and live in poverty. I have a Little Free Library in my front yard that I use to share my books. 

Washington County Library has agreed to be a distribution site for the World Book Night program. Volunteers may pick up their books to give away at any of the Washington County Library branches prior to April 23. For more information, visit the WCL website or call 651-731-1320.