My Christmas Present

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas.

Every year and every time when my kids ask me what present I want for Christmas or birthday, I always tell them to write me some poems.  I want nothing else from them. I love whatever they write for me, because I cherish what they create themselves more than anything they can buy for me.

Here is this year’s Christmas present I received. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Santa Claus 

It was a dark and snowy winter night

All the children were asleep in their bed

Not a soul stirred as off were the lights

Above was Rudolph with his nose shinning red.


Santa sat in his red sleigh full of toys

He stopped at every house to give gifts

For all the very well behaved girls and boys

As his reindeer pulled his sleigh in shifts.


Santa flew around the world in a flash

He was quickly back home to the North Pole

The next day children ran to the big stash

To see if they received presents or coal.


All good people gave a round of applause

To the great one and only Santa Claus.