Happy Birthday, A Mother’s Gratitude And Wish


My daughter turns 14. I am so grateful to have a daughter and have her in my life. I am very thankful and proud to be her mother.

Being a mother is no easy job. I know I often fail and make mistakes, and I feel like a failure when it comes to parenting, even though I want to be a great mother to her and my son.

Being my daughter is definitely not easy. I have to admit myself. In her eyes, I am probably the most strict mother in the whole world. I say no to her more than I say yes. I don’t buy her a lot of stuff she wants.  I don’t want to be a Tiger mom, but sometimes I do behave like one, I am afraid.

For her birthday, I wrote the following poem to her.


Peace and Beauty

On this day, 14 years ago,
A girl was born
At the Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis.
She couldn’t wait to enter the world
And to meet her family –
Mom, dad, brother and grandparents.
What a nice surprise –
A baby girl!!
That’s what they wished.
They named her Peace Beauty.
Peace connects her to her roots in China,
Beauty relates to her birthplace in America.
She was a peaceful baby,
No cry and no fuzz,
Happy and content all the time.
And beauty is she,
So wonderfully made by God,
Perfect in size, shape, weight and height.
No fancy cloth could make her more beautiful,
No makeup could make her smile more attractive.
She is the beauty inside and out.
Thank God for her presence and gift.
May God’s grace and blessing be with her
All the days of her life.


On her birthday today, I want to share with my daughter my thoughts and wishes:

I love you, even though you may not feel like loved sometimes. I will love you no matter what, “till the end of the numbers.”

You are loved by God no matter what, because you are a child of God.

You are beautiful the way God created you. You are perfectly and wonderfully made.

Your inner beautiful is more important than your outer beauty. So focus more on building your inner beauty and character, less on your appearances.

Our earthly life is temporary, focus more on the eternal aspect of your life.

You have joy in life when you help and serve others instead of thinking only about yourself.

You have peace in life when you can trust in God.

Getting more stuff does not make us happy. The more we want, the less happy we are. Being content with life is the key to a happy one.

Just because others have something and you can afford it, doesn’t mean you should also have it.

Things do not last long. Rather than buying and accumulating things, acquire more skills that will enrich your life and no one can take away.

Take good care of God’s creation and what you have. Being resourceful and not wasteful.

What you have in you is more powerful and valuable than what you have on you.

You are a good reader and writer. Keep on reading and writing poems. Never underestimate your abilities and skills.

Never stop learning and growing.

I ask for your understanding and forgiveness for times when I have treated you harshly and unfairly. I do what I think is good for you which you may not agree now, but hopefully some day, you have a better understanding. For all the mistakes and wrongs I have done, I apologize. I am sorry to have hurt you.  

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