Thankful For My Family

No family is perfect, my family is no exception. We may look perfect, but we are absolutely not. Just like every family, we have issues and problems.

My husband and I argue and fight, because we are different and have different values and ideas. My two teenagers upset me sometimes because they don’t do things I ask. I always get on their nerves because I nag and yell too much.

Despite all issues and problems we have, I am so very thankful for my family.

I am thankful that I have a place to call home, and a home to share with other human beings. Living alone and returning to an empty home without another living soul every day is no fun.

I am thankful that everyone in my family is healthy. My kids were born healthy and have been healthy their entire lives, without any physical and mental issues that affect so many other children – allergies, asthma, autism, ADHD, etc.

I am thankful that both my husband and I have decent jobs and can afford a comfortable living. We don’t have to live from pay check to pay check and never have to worry about where the next meal is. We have means to keep our home warm in winter and cool in summer. While it’s minus 20 degree Celsius and freezing cold outside, I am warm and comfortable inside.  My husband’s job gives us more opportunities to travel than we would otherwise do on our own.

I am thankful that my kids are responsible and doing well at school. I don’t have to worry about their homework and getting good grades. In fact, I can’t even help them with homework even if they want me to, especially in subjects like math, science and engineering. They know more than I do.

I am thankful that even though I don’t have perfect children, I do have the perfect number of children, a boy and a girl. They are great kids.

I am thankful that my husband is willing to go to church now. My biggest wish for my family is that everyone becomes a child of God and is saved.