Report Suspicious Phone Calls

Today I got a call from this unknown number 716-703-8916 claiming to be IRS. The caller asked me to return the call ASAP,  otherwise I would face legal action.

The call came out of blue and was suspicious. I didn’t expect any call from IRS and didn’t think IRS would be interested in me.

Thank God my iphone tracks all calls. I was able to see the phone number used by the caller. A quick Google search turned out that I am not the only victim getting the harassing call from this phone number. There was a person who had already reported a similar experience.

During my search I came upon this website called where people can report suspicious calls. So I was the second person who reported the call from 716-703-8916. Several hours later, six people reported the call.

CallerCenter is a free consumer complaints board for reporting telephone calls.

Please report suspicious phone numbers on this website. By doing so, we alert others about the problem, help stop the harassing calls and help others feel better because they know that they are not alone in this.

Had I not found this website, I would have felt very worried, because I didn’t know what’s going on and what to do. So I was glad someone else reported it already.

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  1. kay bailey

    On Sat. Feb.21,2015 we received a phone call from a woman claiming to be from the irs. telling us not to ignore this call and to return it before they take legal action against us. It was very odd that they would call on Sat. as the IRS offices are closed. I kept the number and ran a trace on it from my pc and found out that it was a mobile # from san diego cal. the number is 408 495 1558
    I called the number didn’t say a word to the person on the other end but the accent sounded like someone from south america

  2. james

    Thank you Qin, it’s great advice to Google up phone numbers that call, can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before.

    Will keep the tip in mind!

  3. Gene DuBois

    Great heads up. Phishing is rampant. I habitually get e-mails from banks about accounts I don’t have. Caveat receptor.

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