Flashing Yellow Signals And Roundabouts Are Needed Improvements

On my way home today, as I was approaching the Woodbury Drive and Eagle Valley Drive intersection and waiting for the left-turn, I noticed for the first time that the left-turn signal turned from red to a flashing yellow signal. What a nice surprise!

Even since I saw the first flashing yellow arrow signal used in Woodbury, I had wished for one at this intersection near my house and had been waiting for this moment to come.

I didn’t like to use the Woodbury Drive and Eagle Valley Drive intersection. Sitting in idling car, waiting for the left turn signal, while there is no oncoming traffic, can be frustrating.

In the past, if timing was right, I preferred turning left at Woodbury Drive and Valley Creek Road and then drove past the Holiday Gas Station to get into the Eagle Valley neighborhood, so I could avoid the left turn at the Woodbury and Eagle Valley Drive.

Now with the new flashing yellow signal, I will be more inclined to use this intersection.

I was also happy to see two roundabouts added on Woodbury Drive at the Lake and Bailey intersections. The Woodbury Drive construction project is almost done. The Bailey intersection will open on Nov. 1.

The improvement to the Woodbury Drive and the additions of the two roundabouts are really needed to accommodate the increased traffic in the area.

Traffic increased when East Ridge High School opened. We could expect more traffic when the new Bielenberg Sports Center and Bielenberg Garden retail center open in the near future.

With several large churches located on Woodbury Drive, Bailey Road and Lake Road – Saint Ambrose Catholic Church, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Woodbury Church of Christ, Crossroads Church, Eagle Brook Church (East Ridge High School), New Life Church, Woodbury Community Church, and United Fellowship Worship Center (Lake Middle School) – Woodbury Drive is really congested on Sundays. The new roundabouts will help improve traffic flow.

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  1. Carl

    I don’t think the roundabouts are going to improve traffic flow. When a large line of cars is going West along Lake, for example, the traffic going south on Woodbury that wants to go West on Lake still has to sit and wait out an opening, just like when there was a light there. Further, you’ve got lines of traffic crossing at speed ( no one slows down to 20mph ) and you’re completely dependent upon peoples’ dubious judgement for your safety. With a light at least there were clear rules. A free-for-all may be an improvement for some, but not for me.

    1. I am sorry your experience with roundabouts is not as positive as mine. I do like them a lot. It improves traffic flow and reduces waiting time at the intersection.

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