Minnesota School Rankings 2013

How are the schools in Woodbury doing, in comparison to other schools in Minnesota?

Pretty good, according to the following Minnesota school rankings, based on the  2012-2013 MCA scores. Our middle and high schools made it in the top 10.


of 470 high schools

Math & Science Academy ranked #1

East Ridge High School #8

Woodbury High School #14


of 473 middle schools

Math & Science Academy ranked #2

Lake Middle School #10

Woodbury Middle School #32


of 700 elementary schools

Red Rock ranked #28

Liberty Ridge #51

Valley Crossing Community School #71

Middleton #96



Minnesota High School Rankings

10th, 11th Grades Combined

MCA-II GRAD Math & MCA-III Reading


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Minnesota Middle School Rankings

7th, 8th Grades Combined

MCA-III Math & MCA-III Reading


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Minnesota Elementary School Rankings

3rd, 4th, 5th Grades Combined

MCA-III Math & MCA-III Reading


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