Thanks For The Parent-teacher Conference

It’s the time for the fall parent-teacher conferences at our local schools.

Today I  spent 2.5 hours at the parent-teacher conference at East Ridge High School, talking to all my son’s 7 teachers and waiting in lines for my 5-10 minutes of meeting time with each teacher.

Some teachers had longer lines, they talked with parents non-stop, one after another, for over 3 hours.

Even though 5 minutes is a short time, I always appreciate the opportunity to have some face time to meet and talk to the teachers, to get some information about the classes, and to find out how my kids are doing at school.

Next week I will have another parent-teacher conference for my daughter at Lake Middle School.

We all know it’s an important and rewarding job to be a teacher. A teacher can touch and change lives, make a big difference in the world. Maybe not everyone realize how much work a teacher does. Being a teacher is hard work and a tough job.

Some teachers teach several classes a day, have over 100 students in the classes. In addition to preparing for the classes, teaching classes, teachers also have to correct assignments and quizzes/tests, update students’ grades online after each assignment and test. The amount of work a teacher does is overwhelming to me.

So thanks to all the teachers for taking the time for the parent-teacher conference and for all you do during the year.