The New Yahoo Mail Sucks

I have been a loyal Yahoo Mail user for over 10 years. The first email account I opened was Yahoo. Later I have opened Hotmail and Gmail accounts, but I have stayed with Yahoo and used it as my primary email account.

I liked Yahoo Mail, especially the tabs that allow me to have multiple emails open simultaneously. I can easily switch between inbox and other folders, from one message or draft to another, and work on multiple emails.

Over the years, Yahoo has gone through changes, good or bad, and I had no problems and complains. But not this time.

Sometime last week, Yahoo launched another major redesign of yahoo Mail, changed its interface without any notice. The new Yahoo Mail is terrible. The tabbed emails are gone. I have trouble when composing messages. I can’t get the text and cursor to stay where I want.

Not surprisingly, I found I am not the only Yahoo Mail user who is not happy with the change. There are over 200 comments and complains just to this one article titled Yahoo Mail Gets Another Redesign (Already).

So many loyal Yahoo users are frustrated with the new interface. They used all possible words you can think of to describe their frustrations and anger: problematic, screwed up, upset, blew it big time, so bad, very frustrated, sucks, flawed, annoyed,  absolute OUTRAGE, hate it, a pain in the a_ _, a complete mess, really and truly crap, a giant leap backwards, WORST redesign ever, the worst upgrade, disgusted, fed up, getting worse instead of better, absolutely horrible, terrible, awful, unbelievable, unusable, stupid, Done with yahoo, I am leaving Yahoo, Bye yahoo …

There are more complains on the official Yahoo Forums:

There is even a petition against the new yahoo mail version:

I share the frustration and agree with the negative comments by other Yahoo users, so I signed the petition. I want the old Yahoo Mail back.

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    1. Pauline Duggan

      I think the new Yahoo Mail is just terrible. Why did you have to change something that worked perfectly. Forwarding an email to a friend means forwarding all the emails associated with that one email. Such rubbish!!!!!! Please change back to old version as no one is happy.

  2. tim keeling

    I’ve had my yahoo mail account for 20+ years. I can no longer download a simple photo. Unbelievable. How can they create such trash! Thanks Melissa Meyer, I knew it was a mistake putting her there.

    1. Sorry to hear all the problems and frustrations people are having with the new Yahoo. It’s worse than what I am experiencing. I wish Yahoo will let Melissa Meyer go and let the old Yahoo Mail back.

      1. Yeah when will they ever learn ? Obviously NEVER! I Have had yahoo mail for many years The Worst thing they ever did was to take away Yahoo Mail Classic It Now SUCKS SO BAD I Can’t even signin without them Telling me you must periodicly confirm your password & now when I sign in it keeps doing that YAHOO IS TOTALLY FUCKED IT SUCKS MOOSE COCK ! I Guess I have to find Something else Because I Can’t even Read my Mail now It’s Totally USELESS ! Thanks a lot ASSHOLES !

      2. Scott

        But she is so pretty. That is the benchmark for a modern CEO these days, how much buzz can they generate for your product?

      3. doug

        The new e-mail system stinks things just disappear, you put an add in the e-mail received spot, put it back the way it was. this is not user friendly

    1. billy

      Its sad. Even gmail sucks. I guess when you hire someone that use to work at google, they try to implement the same crap as well. i can’t even send an email without having to verify that i am not a bot. WTF.

    2. susan

      I am going crazy on this and giving up on yahoo.I gave up on tv 2 years ago and dont miss it anymore.If they have crappy service then stop paying for it!!!!!

  3. Brian O

    I’m glad to find so many other users who feel the same. Run a search on “Yahoo Mail Sucks,” and you find many more complaints. The new Yahoo Mail freezes, and goes nowhere. I don’t need to spend 10 minutes waiting for the pages to load. Yahoo is so intent on pushing ads that they are ignoring the rest. And please, please, stop with the annoying little quips like “You are my anti-spam hero.” Yahoo, you are the spam champion.

  4. Anthony

    The email filters and blocked-addresses functions had stopped working… I tried to complain to Yahoo via “feedback,” but I couldn’t… Feedback wasn’t working either.

  5. M Richman

    The biggest mistake Yahoo ever made was to intriduce the new style email. Since I converted as a premium customer and have been for some years. I am having so many problems wiith the new email, I wish I could take everything out of my folders and change to another email provider. The problem is that not only does in not work its slown and unmanagable. It has a mind of its own and I am going crazy with the peoblems. When one writes to yahoo you never get a decent response that relates to the situation or problemin hand, so why even bother.
    Can you acall them on the phoen ? no way. Yahoo sucks beyond belief. Oh Google, forgive me for not using you as my email provider !!!

  6. I agree with the bunch. My yahoo email is unresponsive to clicks on different side folders. Loading takes a long time and sending replies is headache.

    I’m finally motivated to start migrating to Google. I can’t imagine why anyone at yahoo thought this was an improvement.

    1. Agreed It is there greed for more profit(which will backfire) that they try to keep users online to there site,for more advertising revenue,and info about you and what you do etc so they can sell on the info.


  7. J9

    I am so over this yahoo bullshit! When I compose a message and hit send, it disappears and never actually sends! I have lost countless emails to cyberspace! I spend all this time writing it, hit send and it just disappears, never to be seen or heard from again. I have now been copying my whole email before I hit send in case it disappears so I don’t have to rewrite it all….but that is total bullshit! I shouldn’t have to do that. And don’t even get me started on trying to attach photos! GRRRRRR! I have been a loyal yahoo user for like 15 years and I’m finally fed up! I am done with you!

    1. J9

      Oh and I forgot to mention that the sight constantly freezes up on me so I can’t even access my account half the time. And I just tired to email my earlier statement to their customer service center…but guess what? It keeps freezing up on me. I am so fed up!

  8. Burry

    1. The yahoo mail sign in page rarely comes up on the first try … usually takes two or three atempts.
    2. I often cannot sign on to yahoo mail on the first attempt. It says my password is wrong, when I’m sure it is not.
    3. If I try to forward an email containing pictures, it will makes come back at a later time.
    4. The SPAM features works great. I get TONS of spam. I’ve try to various ways of blocking it, but I keep getting stupid scams for money, pills, etc.
    5. Many times when I click on the spam or trash folders, I wait for an eternity for the emails to load, then I have to reload the page to get them to come up.
    6. I HATE HATE HATE the stupid yahoo comments congratulating me on emptying my spam or trash folders like I’m some kind of grade school kid. I would prefer a gold star to put on my forehead or a free popsicle or a nap.
    7. I also have experienced the cursor jumping around while I try to type. I’ve been using computers since the mid 1970’s, so I’m pretty sure this problem is avoidable by now.
    8. I have tried gmail a few times and have not had these problems.

  9. Burton Carrier

    YOU ARE RIGHT! I too have been loyal to yahoo. As soon as i type this i am changing to gmail. I have been totally loyal, the changes are consistently AWFUL! What are they thinking!!! Often the mail I compose does not send the first time. The links are questionable. The send button is at the bottom of the page, which i hate. the way they file the messages together sucks, the most recent email is at the BOTTOM of the page. IMO it couldn’t be worse. Often change just takes getting use to. but sometimes change is indeed for the worse.. Audios old friend, I wont be coming back!

    1. fred64

      I have used and suggested Yahoo mail since the late 1990s. Boy, has Yahoo dropped the ball with these changes. To avoid converting many years of saved mail, I found that some settings changes can make this albatross almost bearable.

      Under viewing mail uncheck enable conversations to get your mail back in sequence. Select Tabs to have more than one item open at a time. and full featured to handle attachments better.

      I use FireFox with the AdBlockPlus addon to Yahoo mail. That filters out many annoying ads, especially the one we all hit accidentally that appears as the top eMail in your list.

      The new Yahoo mail still sucks for me, and I still run into design insanities. At least with these setting changes, I can use it, without seriously harming my monitor or keyboard in a fit of rage.

  10. Michael

    I hate the new Yahoo mail system. I don’t want to see my sent mails and it is very hard to access attached files!@!….you Yahoo people are idiots to think people will stay and put up with no choices….!!

    I am going to go to google – gmail or someone else unless I can somehow change my email back to the old yahoo email

  11. lib4

    Simple. go to the URL. Replace the part of it that says “launch” with “search”. Press Return. Click Inbox. Done

    1. fred64

      OMG — You are the best!!

      My old Yahoo mail is back!! Who would think it could be so simple?

  12. Serkan

    The most important and useful tool for me on YahooMail were the tabs above the type field, it was useful to switch between different emails and folders (without loosing anything). Now you can jump only from one to another window like in 1999. Aweful! I am using YahooMail for a very long time, they changed their Mail so often and everytime was it just a little bit better, but now I am thinking to say good bye to yahooMail. And their new logo redesign is also a wimp.

      1. I agaree, this new yahoo is truly terrible. Like others I also have a hotmail account but prefered yahoo, but if they don’t switch it back, and very very soon I will have to get shot of my yahoo account as it’s driving me completely mad!!!! My husband and son feel the same.

  13. Rolf Lotz

    I HATE THE NEW FORMAT, which came unannounced. Absolutely terrible, and am ready to switch to Hotmail, Gmail, or something.

    I hate having to insert each email address into a forwarded message.

    I HATE forwarding “conversations.”

    Apparently, whoever thought this up doesn’t use Yahoo. mail.

    I do not send out “spam,” so why do I get a “failure” notice when trying to forward some Yahoo news items???

    Why doesn’t the Customer Service email previously given, work???

    What are your plans, Yahoo? I”d like to know so that I can make my own plans.

  14. Elaine

    My sentiments exactly about the new Yahoo Mail. Despite the legions of unhappy Yahoo Mail users currently publicizing their complaints and signing the petition, Yahoo will never abandon their new format, considering the money it cost them. Just wondering what you’ve found to replace Yahoo Mail, now that you’ve abandoned it. I’m searching for a replacement, and so far don’t like anything I see…..Thanks!

    1. Hi Elaine,
      I am not abandoning Yahoo Mail yet. I have too much in my Yahoo account to simply walk away. If I have to choose another email, I will just use Gmail. I already have an account. Gmail will be my only alternative.

      1. Chris

        I just signed up with GMX. Haven’t tested it out yet but they offer a “Mail Collector” feature – it lets you read and send email from any other account – including your Yahoo account – without the need to export/import all your messages from one provider to another. In other words – all your existing Yahoo emails – and even keep your Yahoo email address, but use GMX’s interface to access and use it. Sounds good. Will start checking it out in more detail tonight.

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