Little Free Libraries Are Growing In Woodbury

Little Free Libraries are growing and thriving in Woodbury.

Just a few months ago, there was not one Little Free Library in Woodbury that I knew. I resolved to bring at least one to Woodbury and to put Woodbury on the LFL’s worldwide Google map.

A few months later, we have more than just one. Now we have at last five or more. I am sure the list will keep growing.

If I miss any, please email me the name of the steward, the address and a picture to be included in the following listing.



Steward: Qin Tang

10422 Golden Eagle Trail

Installed Aug. 6, 2013

The first Official Little Free Library from Woodbury








Qin Tang with LFL Co-Founder Todd Bol



Steward: Cheryl Bennerotte

7804 Rimbley Road

Installed Sept. 2013













Steward: Deanna Link

232 Sherrie Lane

Installed Sept. 2013












#4 Steward: Carol Grannis

3300 Crestmoor Bay 

#5 Steward: Catherine K. Schoenherr

9129 Trotters Lane