Grace Unplugged

I am a reader and have no big interest in movies and TV. In fact, I had not been to a movie theater for a long time, several years.

Last week I listened to two interviews on Faith Radio about the new movie Grace Unplugged, just released on Friday, Oct. 4. One of the interviews was with actor James Denton. The other interview was probably with the producer Russ Rice. I didn’t know anything about them. What I remembered from the two interviews is the movie is based in part on the real-life experience of producer Russ Rice whose daughter ran away from home after rejecting the Christian faith in which she was raised. Actor James Denton who played Grace’s father Johnny in the movie lives now in Minnesota because his wife is from Minnesota.

The movie sounded interesting. So I decided to go with my family and watch it after church service today. We had to go to the Carmike Cinemas in Oakdale.  It’s not available at the Woodbury Theatre.

Grace Unplugged is a Christian musical drama film about a prodigal girl (played by AJ Michalka) who runs away from her father, a one-time pop star who gave up his life in secular music when he became a Christian, to escape his shadow and pursue her own dream and success in music. It’s about her journey to rediscover faith and realize that family and God are more important than stardom.

I love the movie. When it was over, my daughter asked me: “Mom, why did you cry? There is nothing sad in the movie.” I was touched. It was a heartwarming story.

I also love Michalka’s single from the film, “All I’ve Ever Needed.” You can read the lyrics here and listen to the song on Youtube.

In an interview Michalka said the song “explores the moments we have in life when we realize the things we’ve been chasing mean nothing if you walk away from your faith. I hope people connect with the song the way I have and realize that despite what we think we need and want – what we really need is God’s love. And we’ve had that all along.”

This movie ties in really well with the message I heard today at Eagle Brook Church. In his message “I Am Filled,” Senior Pastor Bob Merritt says we all want more of something, the question is “what do you want more of?”

“Some people spend their entire lives wishing for more money, more power, more this or more that, but when they finally get it, the craving remains.” Pastor Merritt explains Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-19 for three things that we should have more of: mighty inner strength, more room in our hearts for Christ, and experience the love of Christ.

“Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God.” When we are filled with the Spirit and Christ’s love, we may experience lasting joy, peace, and love.

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