The First Official Little Free Library From Woodbury

Today my son and I became volunteers for the Little Free Library. Our volunteer job is to help put officially registered Little Free Libraries on the Google Map.

We had 1 ½ hours of training and practice over the Internet with the LFL staff Megan Hanson. Just a few minutes into the training, my son said “It’s so easy.” He got it faster than I did.

After the training, the first mapping I did independently on my own was for the LFL in my front yard. I uploaded two photos to the Flickr account, wrote the short story, including the link to the KARE11 story by Boyd Huppert and a link to my blog posts that tell the stories of this LFL, then I added it to the Google map. There are many steps involved.

Now my LFL has became the first official one from Woodbury, Minnesota on the Google Map.

Since I wrote my first post about having A Little Free Library for Woodbury! on December 17, 2012, my wish has become a reality.  The good news is, we not only have one Little Free Library, we already have a few in Woodbury. Just in the last three days, two Woodbury residents contacted me to tell me about their newly installed Little Free Library. As far as I know, we have about 5 in Woodbury. I will compile a list of them and share on my blog.

The backlog of mapping requests is huge, over 700 are waiting to be done. There are only a few volunteers doing the work. Thanks to all the stewards for your patience and understanding.

I am glad my son and I are able to help with the mapping. We will slowly but surely reduce the backlog and the waiting time.  We also welcome more volunteers to join us.