The Happiness Choice

A few days ago, I was touched and blessed by author Marilyn Tam when I received a copy of her book along with a personalized letter in the mail.

I finished reading the book in less than a week. This alone shows my great interest in the book. Normally it takes me several weeks to finish reading a book.

In the book, Tam identified five core dimensions of well-being and happiness – finance, relationships, physical body, community and spirituality. The secret to finding happiness is to identify your life purpose and live a well-balanced life that fosters well-being in those five core dimensions.

As the title indicates, happiness is a choice. The first step in our journey to choose happiness is to identify, acknowledging and honoring our God giving purpose. We are all born with unique talents. We were put on earth to serve a purpose and pursue our passions. We can be happy when our lives are in alignment with our life purpose and passions.

The life purpose exercise process in the book helps readers to determine their life purpose.

The happiness choice includes taking good care of ourselves physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and financially.

Happiness comes from doing what we love, and sharing what we have, giving back to the community and making a positive impact in the world.

I like the book because it validates some things that I know or do in my own life.

In the book Tam used several experts as examples which was good for adding authority, credibility, and marketability to the book.

I would love to read more about her own life. So if I could make a suggestion for improvement, I would like Tam to add more stories from her difficult, challenging and interesting life to show how she personally overcame obstacles and chose happiness.  She has included some in the book, but I would like more.

I felt the section on spirituality is a little weak in comparison with other sections. So I would like to see more content here.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book.

Thanks Tam for your gift of writing, for sharing the book with me, for helping me think about my choices in life and make a more conscious effort in choosing happiness.