My Favorite Farmer’s Market

All these veggies in the picture – corns, egg plants, squash, green leafy veggies, and 4 kinds of beans – came from my favorite Farmer’s Market located at university Ave and Dale in St. Paul. I bought them all today for $10.

What a deal! I don’t think I can buy them all for $10 in any grocery stores.

I like the University/Dale Farmer’s Market for several reasons:

Great price – As you can see, you can’t beat the price.

Convenient location – It’s not far from my office. It’s right by the Shuangher grocery store where I shop for Asian food regularly. I drive by the Farmer’s Market anyway on the way to the Asian store.

Nice variety – Almost all the vendors are Hmong people. They offer a varieties of veggies that Asian people are accustomed to and like.

Good size – This Farmer’s Market is much bigger than the Capitol Farmer’s Market right outside of my office building.

I have been going to the University/Dale Farmer’s Market for several years. This year I haven’t had much need to buy a lot of food. Today is actually the first time of the year and season for me to stop by at this market after I did my shopping at Shuangher.

I was reminded again how nice it is to have this Farmer’s Market. I was thankful for what I can get at this market and for the farmers who provide the food.

Doing good (supporting local farmers) while spending less. What a great deal!

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