Volunteering At Woodbury Days

My favorite discovery as I was watching the Parade – Cruzin cooler, a cooler on wheels you can ride on.


Volunteering at Info Booth, photo by Tom Dunn

My kids and I spent part of this past Saturday and Sunday volunteering at Woodbury Days. On Saturday we helped at the Info Booth. On Sunday my son and I helped with Parade. For some photos, go to my Facebook.

I started volunteering at Woodbury Days in 2008. I loved this community event and wanted to help. I also wanted to instill in my kids a love for volunteering.

When my kids were younger, they went along with me and helped. As they got older, I signed them up as volunteers as well, so they could be fully engaged.

Woodbury Days is run by the Woodbury Days Council and made possible with the support of local businesses and the help of volunteers. I am glad my family is part of the volunteer force.

When my son started high school last year, he joined the Key Club and the Community Youth Council. Both require certain volunteer activities and hours. He enjoys volunteering. I am thankful for that.