Revisit Jackson Hole In China

During my trip to China this summer in July, I had the opportunity to re-visit the Jackson Hole resort  community, located 2 hours north of Beijing in Hebei Province.

I got to Beijing on a train on a Friday afternoon. After a brief rest at a friend’s apartment and almost two hours of driving, we arrived at their weekend vacation home in Jackson Hole. We spent the weekend there and left on Sunday afternoon.

Jackson Hole is a guarded community. It is an ideal weekend getaway destination for the rich in Beijing. During winter months and weekdays, it’s like a ghost town, but on the weekends, there is more life.

Many families have vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and trees in their back yard. Spring water flows everywhere. Walking around and looking at the different houses and landscapes was an enjoyable experience.

It had been three years since my last and first visit in 2010, Jackson Hole Beijing Villas looked more beautiful now, as gardens and trees have been established and matured. It felt like heaven on earth, just beautiful.

Since my previous post about Jackson Hole in China three years ago, I have received a few email inquiries from people in the United States who were interested in visiting this unique place in China. Unfortunately, this is a gated community, open only to the residents. I am happy to share some photos here.

I posted more photos on my Facebook page.

Here is a CNN article and video about Jackson Hole in China – Living the American dream in Jackson Hole, China