Woodbury’s Unsung Heroes

Here is my letter to the editor published in Woodbury Bulletin newspaper on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.

Volunteers are Woodbury’s unsung community heroes

For the last several months since November 2012, my teenage son and daughter were involved in several extra-curriculum activities, including WAA recreational basketball, U.S. Academic Triathlon, and Robotics Club.

The basketball and USAT seasons just ended in March, which was a relief for me, because driving around, especially on snowy nights, is not my cup of tea. But I don’t feel I can let it go and relax without saying a heartfelt thank-you to all the parent volunteers who helped coach the teams and mentor the kids.

In addition to coaching teams at practices and meets (for basketball, there were usually two practices and one meet every week), some also helped with transportation and snack/food, providing help when needed.

I want to thank everyone who coached my kids’ teams: Denice Krish, Lynn Bennett and Julie Luick (for two of the Lake Middle School AT teams), Rich Pierson and Brian Findlay (WAA Girls basketball), and Anthony Mahady (WAA boys basketball).

The Robotics Club at East Ridge High School has an awesome team of parent volunteers, including Doug Jensen, Mary Jensen, Bill Driscoll, Michelle Witte, Cheryl Schow, Karen Wright, Petey Driscoll, Michael Tritz, and many others. If I could give only one award to a parent volunteer, it would go to Doug Jensen who serves as the head mentor for the Robotics Team. His passion, dedication and commitment to the team are unmatchable.

These and many other school or community sponsored programs and activities cannot exist without the support of volunteers. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches and volunteers in the community, you are my unsung heroes. Your generous giving spirit is part of what makes Woodbury a great community, and the United States a great nation. It’s also something I love about this country that I now call my home.

Qin Tang – Woodbury

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