Meeting Dr. David Jeremiah

God Loves You Rally
Dr. Jeremiah and his wife Donna

It was truly a memorable experience to spend “An Evening with Dr. David Jeremiah” tonight at Target Center. I was glad that I went.

I had always wanted to go to this event, because I love listening to Dr. Jeremiah from Turning Point Minitry on radio and enjoy reading his books. I would love to meet him in person.

When I think about him, three words come to my mind – wise, graceful and beautiful.

He is a wise man, his message is full of wisdom. He is graceful. God’s grace is all over him and shows in everything he says and does. He has a beautiful voice for radio and good look for TV.

When I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, I wasn’t sure I would go by myself. I just did not feel comfortable to drive to Target Center alone. I was disappointed.

On Tuesday I got a surprise call from Scott, Director of Public Relations at Turning Point, inviting me to meet with Dr. Jeremiah at the back stage before the rally started at 7 pm. His phone call really boosted my determination to go. I didn’t want to miss such a great opportunity to meet and talk with my admired and respected Bible teacher, and I was determined to go, even if I had to drive by myself which was very uncomfortable for me.

As instructed, I got to the Target Center before 5:30 pm. I waited till the doors to the arena opened at 5:30. I went straight to the front of the stage and met with a staff who took me to a room in the back  where Dr. Jeremiah and his wife Donna were waiting. We talked for a few minutes. I wish I had more time to talk with them.

Dr. Jeremiah gave me a copy of his new book “God Loves You: He Always Has-He Always Will.” And he signed it to me.

His autograph was already on the first blank page, so he just wrote my name on top of his name.

Later when I opened the book, I found that the supposedly first page where he signed both his name and my name is in fact the last page of the book, because the book jacket was upside down. What looks like the first page from the cover is actually the last page.

For this event, Dr. Jeremiah pre-signed 800 copies of the book for sale. It’s totally understandable that something like this happened. Someone opened to the wrong page for him to sign. I thought I was the lucky one to get this unique copy with the autograph on the last page. This makes the book even more special.

After the personal meeting with Dr. Jeremiah, I got a special seat reserved for counselors right facing the stage. I picked the second row and was able to see the stage closely.

Dr. Jeremiah presented the message “God loves you” which is the title of his new book. The message was based on the Book of Hosea.

The rally ended at 9:20 pm. Well, I did manage to get lost in downtown Minneapolis, even with the help of GPS. I couldn’t see the street signs well in the dark and missed turns. I drove around for a while and didn’t get back home until 10:30 pm. I won’t do this for any other event, but attending this rally was worth the trouble and efforts.

It was really an honor for me to be able to spend a few minutes talking with Dr. Jeremiah and his wife Donna,  to have two books signed by him and to listen to him speaking live. What a wonderful experience and blessing!

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