Academic Triathlon Awards Ceremony

The 2012-2013 U.S. Academic Triathlon Awards Ceremony of School District 833 was held today at Cottage Grove Middle School at 7 pm.

The cafeteria at Cottage Grove Middle School was packed with USAT participants and their families. Tina Van Erp, District’s new Gifted & Talented coordinator, presided over the awards ceremony. Principals or their representatives from participating elementary and middle schools were present to honor the students from their own schools.

Every USAT participant received a customized medal. It has “2012-13 USAT” on the front and participant’s name and school on the back of the medal.

Academic Triathlon is an after school enrichment program offered to students in 5th-8th grade through the District’s Gifted & Talented Office.

The program has been growing very year. This year, District 833 had 32 teams (29 teams last year) of 5th-6th graders and  11 teams (8 teams last year) of 7th-8th graders with a total of 219 students (189 last year) participating in the USAT.

There were 81 coaches (46 last year) who coached the weekly practices and organized three Round Robin meets and one regional meet during the months from November to March.

I am thankful for all the coaches who gave so much of their time and energy to make things happen. Without these parents serving as volunteer coaches, the program would not be possible.

I want to especially thank my daughter’s coaches Denice and Lynn for their hard work and efforts.

Thanks also to Tina Van Erp and Laura Vogel from District G&T Services for coordinating the USAT program, and to all educators for their support.

Several teams that won the first place at the regional meets will go to the State Tournament. Good luck to all the teams from our District that will go on to the state meet.

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