More Roundabouts Please

A roundabout was proposed at Radio Drive and Military Road in Woodbury.

I prefer roundabouts than traditional stop sign or signal-controlled intersections. So adding roundabouts to any future road improvement projects inWoodbury is a great idea for me. 

There are many benefits of roundabouts.

Due to low travel speeds, one-way travel and no traffic light, roundabouts can reduce the likelihood and severity of crashes and improve traffic safety. They also reduce delay and improve traffic flow.

Unlike intersections with traffic signals, drivers don’t have to wait for a green light at a roundabout to get through the intersection. Traffic is not required to stop – only yield – so the intersection can handle more traffic in the same amount of time.

Long term cost is another factor to consider. Roundabouts are less expensive than traditionalsignalized intersections. Roundabouts eliminate hardware, maintenance and electrical costs associated with traffic signals.

During power outages, roundabouts will work as normal. No four-way stop, no long wait, no frustration.

I would also like to see more flashing yellow arrow traffic signals at intersections. They keep drivers safer during heavy traffic and reduce delays when traffic is light. They provide more flexibility and improve traffic flow.

Sitting in idling car, waiting for the left turn signal, while there is no oncoming traffic, can be frustrating sometimes when you are in hurry. Roundabouts and flashing yellow arrow signals will eliminate this problem. In addition, they save time and gas, and are also good for the environment.

So I would welcome more roundabouts and flashing yellow arrow signals in Woodbury.


Roundabouts in Minnesota

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