A Poem For My Birthday

For my birthday, my daughter Amy gave me a lovely hand-made card.

“Where are your poems?”

I asked for and expected some poems from her.

Amy wrote poems to me on every special occasion.

Birthday Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year …

“No, I can’t. I have done so many, I ran out of ideas now.”

“Listen Amy. You have the creativity and talent inside you. You will never run out of ideas. You will always be able to write poems as long as you think and put in some efforts. The more you write, the better you get!”

I insisted and waited.

After dinner, I got what I asked for which is better than I hoped for and more …

A promise that she will write 100 poems for Mother’s Day.

I was amazed by her creativity and talent.

She made me a very happy and proud mom!

I enjoyed reading it and hope you will too.


A Poem

by Amy


One day I went to the store
I looked for the candy but there was no more
So I shrugged and looked for the chips
After all that looking, sore were my hips
I tried finding the brownies, but it was all gone
And for some soda, my stomach started to long
I walked all over, around and about
But there was no more junk food so I had to pout
There were no cookies, or any cake
Or really anything you had to bake
I searched and searched for an hour long
And prayed that it wasn’t all gone
Then for a second, I had to pee
And went to the bathroom just to see
All the junk food in the world
Piled and piled so high I had to hurl
I ran around and jumped for joy
I even hugged this random boy
It was a miracle that it was all there
In the bathroom for everyone to share!

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