Macalester College: Stop Discrimination And Retaliation

The more I learn about the discrimination case Wang vs. Macalester College (see the previous posts), the more I am appalled that Macalester College’s treatment of Dr. Wang was and is more than unreasonable and unfair.

To me, it’s obviously a case of discrimination and retaliation. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the words bullying, intimidating, and witch-hunting to describe what MC has been doing.

To support Dr. Wang, to seek fairness, equality and justice, I signed the petition “Macalester College: Stop the discrimination and retaliation! Mediate and reconcile with Dr Wang” on

To sign the petition, go to:

I hope you will take a look and sign the petition as well. The more people do so, the more impact this case will have on other similar cases around the country, and the more positive change we can bring to the society.



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