Crying For Help

This post is related to the previous two posts about the discrimination case of Wang vs. Macalester College.

Below is Wang’s open letter to EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) posted on her Facebook.

I hear her heart’s crying for help and feel the helplessness when being let down by EEOC and the place she loved to work for.

Yes, bullying happens at school, but also in the workplace.


You said that’s what you are here for, a place for the wronged and oppressed to speak, a light for those in the tunnel…so I wept.

You said you were floored by such evidence, such blatant discrimination, and you’d start the discovery…ASAP…so I wept.

You ordered the documents. They arrived in a big box, all the files and letters and more evidence…and I wept.

A year passed by. No news, only the choke around my neck. Harder and harder to breathe, to speak, to teach…so I wept.

One day a letter from you arrived. No direct link to your claims…case dismissed…so I wept.

“You still have 90 days of the right to sue,” she mumbled on the phone as I wept.

“I wish I had never complained, dear EEOC…” But you turned off the light, and closed the door. In the dark, the pack is closing in…so I stopped weeping, and stood up, in horse stance…

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