Searching For Heaven On Earth

What is the meaning in life?

Why is life so frustrating?

Is happiness within my reach?

In Searching for Heaven on Earth, Dr. David Jeremiah takes you on a 31 day journey through the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible into the deep questions of life.

Solomon, the wisest, richest and the most successful man ever lived on the earth, wondered just that. He found his answers and recorded in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Dr. David Jeremiah is one of the best Bible teachers I have ever heard on radio. His Turning Point Ministry website provides great online resources and tools for learning.

The new online interactive study guide for the series provides a whole new way to study online. You can do the following from the comfort of your home and with a few clicks of the mouse:

  • Listen to the radio message
  • Watch the TV message
  • Read the passage being studied
  • Engage with relevant questions based on Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching
  • Journal your prayers throughout the series
  • Print all of your notes and prayers on a beautiful keepsake document

You can listen to Dr. David Jeremiah’s teaching on KTIS AM900 Faith Radio at 9 am or 8 pm on weekdays or 10:30 am Sundays.

Dr. David Jeremiah is coming to the Target Center for a Free Event in Minneapolis on April 4th. For more info and to request free tickets, visit his website.

Also check out Dr. Jeremiah’s Facebook.