Little Free Library Is Coming To Woodbury

My dream of putting a Little Free Library (LFL) in Woodbury and on the LFL map will become a reality sooner than I thought, thanks to Todd Bol, founder of Little Free Library.

Todd emailed me last Friday after reading the article In search of little libraries in Woodbury, published in Woodbury Bulletin last Wednesday and on its website the following day.

He said: “I am the founder of Little Free Library and in charge of building. We will donate one to your dear city. All you need to do is contact me.”

What a great news to receive!

Hudson, Wis. is the birth place and the center of the Little Free Library movement now spreading around the world. Since Woodbury is geographically very close to Hudson, only separate by a river and with 20 minutes of driving, I feel we definitely should have more of them in Woodbury. So I would still encourage Woodbury residents to come forward and help build Little Free Libraries for the community.

Won’t it be nice to have one Little Free Library in every neighborhood?

Thanks Todd for what you are doing and for your generosity!