Christmas Treasure Hunt

Yesterday as I was driving home from work and opening the garage door, I realized that this was the Christmas eve, and I had not done shopping for Christmas gifts for my kids lately. I didn’t panic though. I knew I could make something and I could go shopping at home.

At night before bed my daughter asked me if I would do the Christmas treasure hunt again. I knew she would ask, since it is our Christmas tradition. “OK, I wish you had told me earlier.” Even though I had no clue what to do this year, I didn’t panic and kept my cool. I knew I would get an idea at the last minute. This was what often happened in the past.

Around midnight when everyone went to bed and it was quiet, I walked around house looking for treasures.

During the year, I buy and collect things that can be used for gifts. I found a Christmas book by Helen Steiner Rice my daughter would like. I found commemorative stamps (tiger and baseball stamps for my son who was born in the year of tiger and likes sports, and poet stamps for my daughter who writes poems), I found picture frames and later printed collages of photos taken during the summer travels, I found brand new dollar bills that I put in the holiday gift envelops, I found chocolates and candies …

An hour or so later, I got enough treasures to do the treasure hunt.

Then I spent the next 2-3 hours thinking, planning and writing the clues on cards. I prepared 10 clues and had 10 gifts for each kid.

The clue for money is:

Everyone loves this gift.

Everyone loves to get more of it.

Everyone works hard for it.

Everyone uses it.

It comes in different form, size and color.

You will be glad when you find it.

What is it?

The clue for the photos is:

Remember the trips to the east coast of the US and to Europe made this summer? This gift will keep those memories alive for a long time.

The clue for the book is:

God says man does not live on bread alone. It means you not only need food for your body, you also need food for your mind and soul. This gift is for your mind and soul. You can digest it every day and it will make you feel better. 

By the time I was done and ready for bed, it was almost 4 am. I was not tired, I loved doing it.

My kids are teenagers now. They are not as super excited about the Christmas treasure hunt as when they were little. In addition, my daughter was sick and not feeling well since Sunday. So this time they didn’t wake up really early to go treasure hunt. But they still loved it and loved the treasures they found.

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