Christmas Present – A Poem From Amy

About three weeks ago I sent a previous post to my kids and reminded them of My Christmas wish list.

Last night I asked my daughter Amy if she had written her poems yet. She said no. She had been sick since Sunday and was not feeling well.

I knew she is a procrastinator, but has a creative and poetic mind. She can write a poem in a few minutes if she wants to. And She would not disappoint me.

She wrote one poem last night in bed. She gave it to me as a Christmas present today. I always love getting her poems more than anything she could give me.

Santa Clause

By Amy Guo

Dec. 24, 2012

One Christmas Eve, when it was almost midnight
I saw something, it was a bright light
Then I heard, some jingling bells
And whom did I see? I bet you could tell.

I heard hoof steps on the roof
Then a man appeared, with the sound of a “poof”
He wore a black belt, on top a red suit
He also had a pair of black shinny boots.

He had a big bag, filled with lots of toys
For all of the good girls and boys
He set some presents under the tree
I hoped that they would all be for me.

He ate all the cookies that I had set out
I hoped they were good, and he didn’t pout
He walked over to my stocking
And what he put in wasn’t that shocking.

He climbed up the chimney to the roof
Even though I saw him I had no proof
His reindeer were gone in a leap
Then later that night, I went back to sleep.