A Tragic Day

A mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, with 27 people shot to death, including twenty young children.

I was saddened by this horrible tragedy. I can’t imagine what the people in Newtown are going through now. My thoughts and prayers are with all victims and their families.

What a senseless act! What a tragic day for the families affected and for our nation!

How many mass school shootings do we have to witness before something will be done to stop it?

I think there should be a more strict gun law in this country. Better gun control is the first step in preventing such mass shootings from happening.

Another important aspect is to build healthy and strong marriages, families and communities, and to focus on parenting and raising children who are well rounded physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. A healthy person will not commit such a crime.

Reducing violence in the media and on games will also help reduce violence in real life.

I hope something will be done to stop the mass shootings.


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  1. Btrad Blackwell

    Sometimes there just are no answers when tragedy strikes a community as it has in Newtown Connecticut. I pray for those parents and families in the community for comfort and hope that somehow they can find peace.
    Folks all over the country are demanding answers to how something like this could happen and to cast blame on guns, television, movies and video games. We as parents and the community are partly to blame when we see something in an individual that is just not right but fail to act. We sometimes fail to act because of our innate capacity to overlook and hope that the individual will grow and change on their own or sometimes we are just too busy. Mental defect is sometimes a manifestation of an organic problem that can’t be fixed without some sort of chemical intervention. Sad to say this but evil does and has always existed and we go merrily along until it touches us. That being said I will attempt to share the reason I am writing this morning and what gave me such a fitful sleep last night.
    The people in the business of bringing us the so called news just bug the hell out of me. They hold up tragedy like Sandy Hook, Columbine, mall shootings and any other horrific events and keep it in the news for days, weeks and sometimes months. They poke their finger into the wound and swish it around until every person in the country is crying in agony in the street. They intrude into the lives of the folks most affected asking the dumbest most obnoxious questions without a shred of care about the grieving soul that they are questioning. STOP IT! I imagine that I could never fully recover from the loss of my child but it serves no one to keep shoving it in our faces 24 hours a day. You Godless people have no shame when it comes to sensationalizing and showing every imaginable bit of violence that humans are capable of doing to one another. You do this during prime time without ratings for all ages to see. You don’t see this as “desensitizing” our youth and making these things not seem real? Talk about your vile and disgusting organizations and I think the news has to be at the top of the heap with regard to “desensitizing” media made for the masses. You deceive us and skew the news at every turn and use it to divide us as human beings. Why? I don’t get it and guess I never will.

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