My Black Friday deal – photo cards

Every year, one of the Black Friday deals from Sam’s Club is ordering 100 Photo Cards for $15, including gold or silver foil-lined envelopes. There is no shipping cost when you pick them up in store.

I usually take advantage of this deal to get my holiday greeting cards done during Thanksgiving.

Thursday morning, I spent a few hours looking through my photos taken this year and selected the best ones I wanted to use for the greeting card or for printing.

Then I uploaded these photos to my account at the Sam’s Club Photo Center. I selected the design I liked and added the photos to create my card.

Later at night, after I came back from the Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house, I submitted the order.  The total for the 100 cards came to $16.07. They will be ready for pick up on Saturday morning.

I did everything from my home computer. It was convenient and comfortable, no need to drive to the store and wait in line.

This special deal is valid through this weekend.


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