Kindness Challenge Day 12 – Forgive Someone

This is Day 12 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge – Forgive Someone.

As I shared in a recent post Forgive one another, it’s important to forgive. We do it primarily for ourselves. Our forgiveness of others is forgiveness for us and is freedom for us.

What does it take to forgive?

In his article Four Elements of Forgiveness, Dr. Ryan Howes talks about the following four common elements that effective forgiveness attempts tend to share:

  • Express the emotion
  • Understand why
  • Rebuild safety
  • Let go

Forgiveness does not happen immediate. It’s a slow process. Feelings of anger, sadness and hurt do not go away easily. They will come back from time to time, but it will be less intense.

Getting negative emotions out is really the first step in the process. Having an honest talk, sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone or writing down your thoughts and feelings are all effective ways to express your emotions.

There were few people in my life I needed to forgive. Once I truly understood the importance of forgiveness, I did.

I also have a few people in my life I needed to ask for forgiveness. I have hurt people with my choices and actions when I was younger. I did ask for forgiveness at the time.

My thoughts and prayer for today is I have forgiven everyone I need to forgive, and I have asked for and received forgiveness from everyone I should have asked.