Kindness Challenge Day 11 – Be Kind To Someone You Dislike

This is Day 11 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge – Be Kind to Someone You Dislike.

It’s easy to be kind to people you like, but not so easy to be kind to people you do not like for whatever reasons – different value systems, different political views, different personalities, different lifestyles or work habits, different interests and backgrounds, etc.

If we can understand that no matter what our differences are, as human beings, we are basically the same, have the same needs and wants. We all want to be loved, understood, validated, respected, appreciated, acknowledged, recognized, and treated kindly. Maybe we will all be kind to each other, despite our differences.

Yes, this is something I need to learn and improve myself – treating everyone kindly no matter what the difference is, no matter how I feel.

Here is my small act of kindness for today.

Last night I reposted my van for sale on Craigslist. The first time I posted it a few weeks ago, I got several calls immediately the next morning. One buyer was willing to offer $500 more than the asking price. But unfortunately I couldn’t sell on that day because I wasn’t able to get the replacement car as I expected.

Today I got a couple of calls from interested buyers. The first caller (a couple) came immediately after the call and wanted to buy the van for their daughter. My sense was they would buy it for the listing price. But when they asked if I would lower the price, I did a little bit, just to be nice.

It feels like a win-win for both parties. I felt good for getting rid of the van and being nice to them, they felt good for not having to pay the full price.

Because we treated each other kindly, we got the deal done quickly and parted our ways friendly.

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