Kindness Challenge Day 10 – Send Flowers To Someone

This is Day 10 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge – Send Flowers to Someone.

I was busy today shopping for a car to replace my big van that is no longer needed.

Buying/sending flowers is not something I normally do anyway. So I was going to skip today’s task. Then I thought it would be nice to send something to someone.

My own idea of doing something nice for someone today is to write a letter and send photos.

Today I happened to get an email from someone and learned that she will soon be out of town for a few month.  I wrote a letter (expressing my gratitude for the difference she made in my life and best wishes for her new adventure) and will send it to her with a couple of photos we had taken together during an event.

Flowers are wonderful gifts. They are really special, but I like photos as well, if not better. Flowers wither in a few short days, while photos last much longer and can keep memory alive down the road, even when our memory fades away.