Kindness Challenge Day 8 – Pick Up Litter

This is Day 8 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge – Pick Up Litter.

I agree that everyone has a responsibility to keep our environments clean. In addition to keep our house clean, we also need to keep our neighborhood, our community, our office, our city, and our country clean.

While I was at the Woodbury Dance Center tonight waiting for my daughter, I saw an empty coffee cup that was left on the table, and numerous pieces of trash on the floor. I intentionally picked them up and throw them into the trash can.

Later I was at Lake Middle School for my daughter’s basketball practice, I saw a janitor working. I intentionally said hi to her, smiled at her, to show my respect for her and my appreciation for what she does- to keep the school clean.

It’s really everyone’s job to keep our environment clean. So please do not litter and pick up litter if possible.