Kindness Challenge Day 7 – Make A Donation

This is Day 7 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge – Make a Donation.

Every year, I make a donation to my favorite radio Faith Radio (AM 900 in Twin Cities) and/or other radio programs. But I haven’t done it this year.  Today’s task gave me a needed push to complete something I wanted to do.

I think people donate because they have a passion for something, believe in something. I am not a dog or cat lover, so animal related causes don’t speak to me. I am not a cancer survivor, so cancer or other diseases related causes don’t attract me either. But I love listening to radio.  Besides church,  radio is the one place I try to make a contribution.

Every day I listen to Faith Radio, on my way to work or home, while I am working at the desk or cooking in the kitchen. My radio is set on this station. I love listening to Bible teaching, author interviews and all kinds of inspirational talks that Faith Radio has to offer.

Monetary donation is only one form of donation.  Donation can come in different shapes and forms – time, talents and skills, items, etc.

Tonight I had a neighbor over for dinner. She has been a very helpful neighbor to me. I always wanted to invite her for dinner to show my appreciation and also to show her how to cook Chinese food as she was interested in learning.

Sharing time and meal together, showing hospitality, is a form of kindness.