Governor Dayton Meeting Trick-or-Treaters

I saw a few photos of Governor Mark Dayton meeting trick-or-treaters during the Halloween celebration at the Governor’s mansion. I just loved it. He is such a people person, a servant leader and a great Governor, well connected with common people.

I remember when I was living in St. Paul and my kids were still little (ca. 2000), we went to the Governor’s mansion for trick-or-treating. We walked through a few rooms in the mansion, but never saw then Governor Jesse Ventura. We didn’t even get a glimpse of his ghost.

I saw Governor Dayton a few times at events around the State Capitol. He was very approachable. He carried small note cards and left people autographs or notes when asked.

Governor Dayton is doing a great job at the Capitol. He hired some smart people to lead the state agencies.

If you have ever visited his dog Mingo’s Facebook page, you will know that he also has a great sense of humor.