Expensive Clothes, Popular Kids

I asked my daughter today: “who are the popular kids in your school/grade?”

Her response, “Kids wearing expensive clothes,” was not something I expected to hear.

I find it hard to believe that parents will pay almost $200 to buy their kids a pair of boots that they will outgrow soon, that wearing expensive clothes can make people more popular.

The reality is disturbing to me.

I don’t buy myself or my kids brand name clothes and shoes. It’s not a question of whether I can afford it or not. It’s a conscious decision based on my value system.

Why pay a lot to buy the trendiest clothes that have no long-term value in my opinion?

What’s best for our kids? I thought having the best education is more important than having the trendiest clothes. Having their mind set on the eternal things is more important than the external, temporary things.

I had to tell my daughter: “It’s not what you wear that makes you popular. It’s who you are, what’s inside rather than what’s outside, your character, your personality, your skills, etc. The kids who are popular today because they wear expensive clothes won’t be popular when they grow up, if that’s their only reason to be popular.”

I knew my daughter didn’t like what I said, she thinks I lecture too much, but I knew she would agree with me when she grows up.

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  3. Karla Gedell

    Ahh, when I was in school we had uniforms, but that didn’t stop us from getting cool shoes & purses. It will never end with kids & clothes, so let it be, Qin.

    I must confess – I love expensive clothes. I love the cloth, the drape, the fit, the little details that make them luxurious. However, because my weight has fluctuated so much in the past two years, I now go to THIRFT STORES and seek out the expensive brands. It might be fun for you and your daughter to check out the local Goodwill! There’s nothing more fun than finding that great pair of jeans for $5.99.

  4. stormchaser

    That’s ironic. When I was in school it was the same way. The popular kids had super rich parents and wore expensive clothes and jewelry. Now that they are older they are wearing Walmart clothes and working minimum wage jobs. Looks like the fancy clothes got them no where in life.

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