Paul Ridgeway On Witnessing And Evangelism

Paul Ridgeway is a career accomplished event planner for big events such as Super Bowls, visits by heads of state including the former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev’s visit to Minnesota, Minnesota Remembers (the memorial event with 40,000  people at the state capitol just a few days after the 9/11  terrorist attacks). He also has a tender heart and love for witnessing and evangelism for Jesus Christ.

I had never heard the name Paul Ridgeway, though I knew about or even participated in big events he organized, such as the Luis Palau Twin Cities Festival, a massive two-day evangelical  revival on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds in St. Paul in August 2004. Well, until this morning when I attended the last session of the 4-part series “Business Is My Calling” at New Life Academy in Woodbury.

Today’s session titled “Tell Them, Because Eternity is Forever” by Evangelist Paul Ridgeway was about witnessing and evangelism. Paul shared powerful testimonies and interesting stories he experienced in his eventful career and life. I really enjoyed his teaching and was very impressed by his boldness and humbleness in sharing the Gospel with others.

I will share Paul’s presentation in the next post.

Here is an article about Paul from Twin Cities Business.

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  1. mary chalker

    Hi Paul,

    i think you are wonderful. I like that you know all the events in city, and ministry information. I would like to ask a question. This won’t be easy to answer. It seems to me, it’s getting harder that ever to find a good, full gospel church, in the mpls, mn… Do you have any answers?

    mary chalker
    listener of radio station 980, The Mission

  2. Faithful

    No one who has ever met Paul Ridgeway would ever use the word “humble” to describe him. More like he wears God like a cloak around his own shoulders for his own vanity,

  3. John Q. Public

    You should wipe the stars out of you’r eyes and take a little closer look at the “do unto others and split” Mr. Ridgeway.

  4. johnny

    hi, I’ve been trying to reach Paul. could you forward on to me his contact info? my cell is 612-seven-zero-eight-5927

    thank you!

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