Welcome Summer

The weather we are having this week is unbelievable. It is still winter and spring will officially start next Tuesday, but it already feels like summer.

I had shorts and short sleeves today. I got a little sweaty when I took a walk in the afternoon. My son looked at the thermometer wondering if it’s time to turn on the air conditioner.

Welcome summer!!

On Tuesday I composted all the food scraps I accumulated over the winter months, a ritual I do every year in spring.

Yesterday I plowed the garden and planted some vegetable seeds. I can’t wait for having my own vegetables from the garden. I hope for an earlier and longer growing season this year.

I am so thankful that we had a very mild winter this year. We hardly had snow in Twin Cities. This was really not a typical winter for Minnesotans. I think I only had to shovel snow twice. My 13 year-old Dodge Caravan survived another winter without any problem. I survived winter driving without any headache.

I am so glad winter is over and summer is here, at least I hope it will stay like this for a while.