The Most Popular (surprising) Post

When I wrote the post The Top 20 Bad Leadership Traits last May, I simply put together a list of 20 attributes that make a bad leader.

The idea for the post was floating through my mind for a few days and won’t go away. So I did spend quite some time thinking about it, but not much time writing it. It is definitely not the best post I have ever written. I would have never thought that it would become the most popular post on my blog.

Almost every day now, this post is the most viewed one among the 600 plus posts I have written since Nov. 2009. That is very surprising to me.

Here are some of the commonly used search terms that bring readers to my post:

  • characteristics of a bad leader
  • bad characteristics of a leader
  • qualities of a bad leader
  • qualities of bad leaders
  • bad qualities of a leader
  • traits of a bad leader
  • bad leadership qualities
  • bad leadership traits
  • bad leadership skills
  • bad qualities in a leader
  • bad qualities leadership
  • qualities that make a bad leader

As you can tell, the search terms used are very similar.

I can’t imagine someone would think, “I am a bad leader and I want to find out what makes a bad leader like me.”

Most likely, the readers who have landed on my post are the ones who are dealing with someone who is not a good leader.

We have so many books on good leadership and what makes good leaders. Yet, from what I can tell through my blog, so many people are interested in the opposite, the bad leadership and what makes bad leaders.

Of the many posts I have written that are related to leadership, The Top 20 Bad Leadership Traits is the only one on bad leadership. And it’s the most popular one. This is quite a telling story in my mind.

Do we have more bad or not so good leaders than good leaders? Do we have more leaders who are discouraging or disappointing than leaders who are encouraging and inspiring? I hope the answer is no.

It could be that only the people who have issues with their leaders in the organization would take the time to research and read about it, and the people who are happy with their leaders won’t need to bother with it.

Whatever the reason, it’s an interesting thing for me to observe and think about.