Touched And Blessed

Last month on January 15, a group of students from the Minnesota Teen Challenge visited Spirit of Life Bible Church in Woodbury.

With their songs and testimonies of overcoming personal challenges and abdictions and finding a new life in Jesus Christ, they touched and blessed the congregation.

A few days later, the congregation was once again touched and blessed, by a letter sent by the mother of one of the Teen Challenge students who visited Spirit of Life Bible Church on that day. She came from South Dakota and attended the Sunday service with her son.

With her permission, I want to share her letter to Spirit of Life Bible Church:

“I am the mother of Patrick who is a student at Teen Challenge in Minnesota.  My husband and I live in South Dakota, and attended your worship service the weekend that you hosted the members of Teen Challenge.  I wanted to express my deepest and most sincere thank you for welcoming those young men and for the prayers and petitions you put forth for them.

I can say without reservation that I, myself, have never felt more welcome upon entering a congregation.  Your members exude a joy and love that permeates the very walls of your church. In particular, Cheryl, whom I sat by during the service, has that joy and love for our Lord, Jesus Christ, through her welcoming smile and gentle spirit.  She lifted the parents of the Teen Challenge students in prayer and held my hand.  I have never cried during a service before, but just could not hold back the tears because the struggles go beyond those in addiction to their families and friends.  Many times it is easier to place blame and say to just give up the addiction or give up on the one you love and I was one of those who used to think and do the same until my son started using.  But that message did not come through at Spirit of Life.  Instead, it was a message of hope and love and prayer for those who are struggling – students and families alike.  A young mother in front of me also turned around and hugged me, crying and praying for us all.  Again, my tears did not stop and I believe they were tears of healing.

So, once again, thank you for that weekend for our sons and brothers.  May God richly bless your ministry and members.  Please give them my utomost thanks.”

I wish the best for these young men who touched me and blessed me with their presence and stories, and also for their families who stand by them, support them and love them, like this mother did.

Blessings also to the Minnesota Teen Challenge for helping the young people who need help.

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  1. david merle

    Dear Qin. I knew Frank since 1990.He dedicated my daughter to the Lord. His passing was a deep blow to me as I was unaware of his sickness and did not get to see him befors his death.I live in nw wisconsin.could you please give me a number to reach you.thank you.

  2. Elizabeth

    Minnesota Teen Challenge puts on a phenomenal show. The students giving testimonies are carefully coached and the rep at the church has a script he must follow. As a graduate of Minnesota Teen Challenge and now a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor, I steer any clients away from this facility. I personally have witnessed physical abuse by staff, the ministry telling students what to say, a staff that is incompetent (i.e., a student graduates the program and the next day becomes staff). I am a Christian and firm believer in the power of Jesus Christ, but in the field of addiction requires some medical and psychiatric training. Teen Challenge has very few people competent on paper to deal with severely disturbed addicts and alcoholics. The stringent rules are similar to a cult. Of course, there are some success stories but not what TC claims. Please do not be deceived by this so-called “Ministry” and if you are seeking help for addiction, look elsewhere. If you would like to donate your money, find a true ministry that is serving the Lord.

    1. Elizabeth,
      Thanks for taking the time to write. I am sorry that you had negative experience with TC. It’s too bad that some people and organizations use God and ministry to deceive others and misuse their trust. It does happen. Thanks for the reminder and for the word of caution.

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