Governor Dayton’s Puppy On Facebook

I am not a fan of animals, never a lover of animals, because I didn’t grew up with any animals in my family. Actually I get nervous around any living creatures that are not human beings. So I am not usually interested in animal related subjects.

But yesterday when I read in the newspaper about Governor Dayton getting a new puppy and the “Guess the Puppy’s Name” contest, I thought it was interesting.

Today I visited Governor Dayton’s Facebook page and also his existing puppy Mingo’s Facebook page. I found Mingo’s Facebook page more interesting and humorous.

Creating a Facebook page for their pets is a clever use of social networking tools for the elected officials. It adds a human dimension to the non human side of politics. It creates a bond between people from all walks of life, regardless of what position you have.

I had to “like” Mingo’s Facebook page even though I don’t really like animals. I even suggested the name “Paulo” for the new puppy.

Whoever maintains Mingo’s page does a great job.

Updates on 9/26/11:

The “Guess the Puppy’s Name” contest was over on the first day. Emily from Duluth correctly guessed the name of Governor Dayton’s new puppy – Itasca. She won a dinner with the Governor at the restaurant in Minneapolis owned by his two sons.

Here is the comment I left on Mingo’s Facebook page:

“I beg to differ. Itasca sounds girlish and a little long and hard to pronounce. I like “Paulo” better. The contest was a great idea. I wish your Dad had let the public suggest a name and then he would pick his favorite one from the ones suggested. A naming contest would be even more fun. The contest and the fun wouldn’t be over so quickly.”

I think Mingo’s website and the contest are not only fun ways to engage the public, but they are also great PR ideas. I wonder how many people like Governor Dayton more because they are animal lovers and like the puppies he has.

Mingo and Itasca might even win some extra votes for Governor Dayton if he runs for any position in the future.

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  1. Hilde Sisson

    Hi Qin, ~ I love your comment & response to the Puppy Naming Contest by Gov. Mark Dayton and I’m with you on suggestions for possible future Mingo Facebook endeavors. Great for connecting with the public and all that but I too would have liked a Real Contest lasting longer and a plan to pick the best entry for the Prize.

    I’m not so adept with Facebook but was very intrigued and fascinated by the whole idea of a Public person or politician Pet Facebook idea; very brillant and effective and so personable, humorous etc.

    I’d also like to suggest a tour of the Gov.’s mansion, reception and meet the family just for all those who contirbuted a Name. I also think my name for the little new guy is way better but wish Emily of Duluth and friends all the best.

    My pick was Zumbro after the town Zumbrota right next to Mingo’s namesake town of Wanamingo and there’s also a Zumbro river, lake and falls in the same area. Further, Zumbro could be shortened to Zumba and would be a great name for a “Bro”.

    Would you please consider responding to me by E-mail in future and create a good PR suggestion along same lines? Thanks for your response, Hilde

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