EXCO – New Fall Classes

EXCO: Where anyone can take or teach a class and all the classes are FREE!

What is EXCO? It stands for Experimental College. I wrote about it in a previous post.

Visit http://www.excotc.org for full class listings and to register, or click on the link from each class below.  Most classes will begin in late September.

Politics and Organizing
Questioning   Ourselves
Making Headlines, Making Change: Media Work for Social   Justice Activists
World War II: A Rich Source of Metaphor for our Time

Money, Society and the Spirit: Becoming Conscious About Money

Writing and Performing Political Theatre

How to Listen to and Appreciate Classical Music
Experiment in Collaborative Creativity.

House Dance Nation (Youth Only)

Belly Dancing

Building an   Earth Oven
Queer Theory and the Hebrew Bible

Introduction to Marxist Theory

Health and Wellness
Mind-Body Meditation

Expressions for Wellness & Effectiveness (EWE) Workshops

Gourmet Vegetarian: The Diet of Sustainability
Good Vibes: Energy Healing & Increasing Bliss
Kiswahili Discussion Circle

Navigating American Sign Language Access in Your   Activism
Commuting by Bicycle at Sibley Bike Depot

Complete Bicycle Overhaul at Sibley Bike Depot   (September)
Humanities and Cultural Studies
Radical Parenting Art & Discussion Workshops

The Movies: Cultural Enrichment or Co-Dependence?
Indigenous Imperative: Native Thought and its Implications for Our Future